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The Students' Concert on Saturday September 30, 2017 was a great success !
Stay tuned for concert pictures and videos.


  • Have you ever wanted to play guitar but never knew where and how to start?

  • Have you always wanted for your child to learn one of the coolest, most fun and fulfilling instrument there is ?

  • Have you ever dreamed of playing the guitar like your guitar heroes but never knew how to do so?

  • Did you take guitar lessons in the past and felt stuck with your guitar teacher?

  • Did you quit taking guitar lessons and now you’re struggling to make progress?

  • Have you hit the ceiling trying to teach yourself from youtube videos and online content and now you’re feeling frustrated because nothing is working for you anymore?

At JHGuitarSchool we believe that learning guitar should be fun and stress-free … And we would want that for YOU two !

Imagine what could happen if you (or your child) learnt to play guitar the right way and in the right environment.

  • Imagine yourself playing in front of other people with confidence and ease

  • Imagine how it feels to impress your friends and family with your guitar playing

  • If you are a parent, imagine how proud you would be to see your child grow to become a well rounded musician

  • Imagine yourself making that guitar sing the way you’ve always wanted to while totally enjoying every second of it!

  • Imagine all the things you could do if you live up to your potential as a musician and guitar player!

Benefits of taking guitar lessons at JHGuitarSchool

Get trained with professional guitar instructors who could help you become the guitarist you’ve always dreamed to be?
What if we told you, You CAN reach your goals on the guitar FASTER than ever with our World-Class Guitar EGTIC (TM) US Certified Lessons Program, in a fun and pleasurable environment. We offer you our sincere highest dedication and support to help you reach your goals, and we ensure you we will do everything possible to make it happen. We will guide your way very closely and get you all fired up and fulfilled through your learning journey.

We Guarantee

  • Serious guitar training so you can save time and reach your goals faster

  • Variety of programs that fit with your schedule

  • Becoming great at guitar quickly while totally enjoy the process

  • An instructor that actually cares about you and your success

  • Tailor-made guitar lesson plan for success that removes all the headaches and guesswork

  • Master all necessary techniques so that you can play anything you want

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What Students Say About Us
Joe Sammour


Jack is really committed ! the fact that he sacrifices his own time for our training sessions, the reminders and feed back we get on the videos we send, the customized lessons, all these show how much he cares and is willing to give to make us good guitar players. which made me more committed to our training and helped me improve a lot more.

Secondly, after detecting a problem, the way jack simplifies it into small pieces that can be fixed by basic exercise, is much better than my ex teachers' ways.

Joe (22) / student
Chris Saab

I've been taking lessons with Jack for 6 months. Other teachers don't take care of you like he does, he treats me as his friend and this helps me to be a better player. Jack is very committed too, he quickly helped me chose my musical road as soon as I started taking lessons with him.

Chris (17) / Student

Alex (13)

Letitia (15)

Simon (16)




Here at JHGuitarSchool we believe guitar and music lessons for kids are about much more than just simply teaching songs, chords,etc. Yes, these...



Description coming soon!



Description coming soon!

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