About JHGuitarSchool

At JHGuitarSchool learn to play guitar the Right, Fun and Modern way.

Whether you (or your child) need to specialize in Classical guitar (guitare classique), Acoustic guitar (guitar acoustique) and/or Electric guitar (guitar electrique) you will learn everything you need to know about music while still having fun. Unlike most schools out there, we do not teach out of outdated, SLOW, boring method books but we customize our lesson program for each individual student while making sure everybody is learning the right and fun way. Every year our teachers participate in seminars and trainings in the USA to bring the best and latest learning method to Lebanon because we are 100% committed to the musical education of our community. Therefore we offer you our sincere highest dedication and support to help you reach your goals, and we ensure you we will do everything possible to make it happen.

We are located in Kaslik/Zouk Mikael at Espace 2000 center, accessible for practically everyone inside Keserwan and within 25 mins of drive from Beirut on the seaside road.
We offer the most exhaustive and complete guitar lessons and training in Keserwan. Our students come from all over Lebanon but mainly from Jounieh, Kaslik, Zouk, Adonis, Jeita, Shaileh, Ballouneh, Sarba, Sahel Alma, adma, Kfarehbab, the surrounding areas, Dbayeh/naccache and even from Beirut. Our programs are fitted for every age (Kids, teens and adults) and every level of playing (from total beginners to advanced players).

And for those who wish, we offer in partnership with the LGU (Lebanese German University), the opportunity of earning Certificates & Diplomas in Guitar!

At JHGuitarSchool you get:

  • Trained Guitar Teachers & Innovative teaching (Unlike some private teachers or other schools who hire guitar players with 0 know-how on how to teach that do it just to make some pocket money)

  • The Fundamentals Of Guitar Playing

  • Learn Your Favorite Songs

  • Theory/Harmony

  • Solfeggio

  • Goal-Oriented & Goal-Specific Guitar Lessons

  • Songwriting Lessons & Musical Creativity

  • Overcoming Stage Fright

  • How To Play Guitar In A Band Coaching

  • Guitar Solo Improvisation Lessons

  • And most importantly FUN!

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of guitar should I learn (Classical, Acoustic or Electric) ?

If you’re unsure what you like most or what is the particularity of each type of guitar don’t hesitate to contact us we will help you find the best fit !
But as a general rule and contrary to popular belief, there is no need to start with Classical for example before switching to electric. You should start with what you like !

At what age can I start learning guitar ?

At JHGuitarSchool we start teaching kids from the age of 5-6 depending on how well developed their fingers and muscles are. Every child grows at his own pace that’s why it’s always better to assess him/her before starting lessons. If you’re unsure what to do contact us for a FREE assessment !

Am I old too start taking lessons now ?

NOBODY is ever too old to ROCK ! seriously we’ve got students in their 60’s, if they can learn so can you !

For how long should I keep taking lessons ?

For as long as you wish to learn and improve. We have students that have been taking lessons for years and keep improving their craft :)!

I want to learn guitar but I don't know where to start

You don’t have to worry about that .. really! contact us for to get all the info you need so we can get you learning Today!

Start Learning Today

Have fun, get results!

Featured teachers

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Mary Maksoud

Mary Maksoud

Kids Music Teacher, Solfeggio Teacher
Jack Haddad

Jack Haddad

Guitar Teacher & Founder