Here at JHGuitarSchool we believe guitar and music lessons for kids are about much more than just simply teaching songs, chords,etc. Yes, these things are of course important, however we believe it is as much, if not more, about teaching life and instilling values.

Through our lessons kids learn:

  • Patience & Self-Discipline

    learning to play an instrument (even at a modest level) takes a lot of time, repetition, and dedication. Learning this skill will make everything else they attempt to learn in life much easier.

  • Major Boost Of Self Confidence

    It helps them overcome fears of stage fright and helps them develop self-confidence – You are helping your child become much more able to handle the challenge of public speaking and being seen up in front of others. This is a monumental skill to have that many people never acquire.

  • Healthy Form Of Self Expression

  • Bonding with fellow students

  • Courtesy towards others

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Music lessons improve cognitive skills, non-cognitive skills, and school grades more than twice as much as sports, dance or theater  (“How Learning a Musical Instrument Affects the Development of Skills”, A. Hille and J. Schupp, SOEPpaper No. 591. September 2013)