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What Students Say About Us
Joe Sammour


Jack is really committed ! the fact that he sacrifices his own time for our training sessions, the reminders and feed back we get on the videos we send, the customized lessons, all these show how much he cares and is willing to give to make us good guitar players. which made me more committed to our training and helped me improve a lot more.

Secondly, after detecting a problem, the way jack simplifies it into small pieces that can be fixed by basic exercise, is much better than my ex teachers' ways.

Joe (22) / student
Chris Saab

I've been taking lessons with Jack for 6 months. Other teachers don't take care of you like he does, he treats me as his friend and this helps me to be a better player. Jack is very committed too, he quickly helped me chose my musical road as soon as I started taking lessons with him.

Chris (17) / Student