Mary Maksoud

Mary Maksoud

Mary Maksoud is a licensed Kindermusik educator and business owner who has also studied Classical Music & Opera at the National Conservatory for Higher Musical education in Lebanon. Mary has also had an interest in psychology and especially Child psychology and thus has taken courses in psychology at university in order to help her complete her program. Currently she is pursuing her Masters degree in Early Childhood Education and Development from Arizona State University.

She has managed to create a curriculum by combining her knowledge with a lot of research. Mary uses activities that both introduce musical concepts and technicalities as well as activities that increase brain capacity and learning abilities.

During the classes the children not only benefit mentally but also on a physical level due to many activities that help with eye/hand coordination and gross movement skills.

Suitable for children starting 18 months and up to 6 years the children & preschoolers will benefit from the following:

  • Early Literacy. They gain the phonological processing, spoken language, and comprehension skills that are the foundation of reading.
  • Quantitative. They build the spatial-temporal and reasoning skills required for math, science, and engineering.
  • Technical. They learn the foundation of musical learning by learning to use technical words and identify complex musical patterns.
  • Disciplinary. They learn to abide by rules and regulations when needed and to let their spirits roam free depending on the circumstances hence get a head start for schooling systems.
  • Social-Emotional. They develop social and emotional skills that are essential for school readiness—like the ability to regulate their responses and relate to others in complex ways.
  • Physical. By moving and dancing to music and playing simple instruments, children improve their gross and fine motor skills.
  • Creative. Activities that encourage freedom within a fun and friendly structure spark children’s creativity and provide inspiration.

And of course, they develop a lifelong love of music!

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