5 Guitar Practice Tips For Rapid Progress

The biggest mistake that I see beginner to intermediate guitar players struggling with is the tendency to not approach guitar practice in the right way. I myself have struggled with in the past, and the reason I’m writing this is because I’ve realized how much of a difference this one thing has made to my progress on guitar.

No matter what stage you are at with your guitar playing, you can instantly zoom up the rate at which you are going to progress, by paying a little bit of attention to how you practice.

So here are 5 easy to apply steps and strategies for your guitar practice, so that you could also experience super fast progress on guitar.

1. Create A Schedule

I know you must have heard this a lot, but the question is “Have you taken this seriously enough?”

There’s a reason why this strategy towards guitar practice gets so much attention, and if you listen to any of the interviews of the highly accomplished musicians or guitarists, you’ll always find a mention of schedule when they are asked about how they got to where they are.

Having said that, just a random schedule that’s not realistic or does not suit your learning style is not going to work for you.

You need to plan out the things that you are supposed to practice, in the right order and in the right proportion. Also, just following the same schedule for a long period of time is also not going to work. I have been guilty of doing this in the past and realised later that it does not yield the results you expect.

Your practice schedule needs to be customized to your own learning requirements and should be highly manageable and realistic, for you to keep up with it.

If you are unsure of how to design the right practice schedule for yourself, then approach a good guitar teacher who can help you with it and guide you further.

2. Fix A Time For Practice Everyday

Now this may sound obvious, but if you think back, when was the last time you found yourself practicing guitar during a certain time or hour of the day, consistently everyday?

If you are doing this already, then great or else, you should seriously consider fixing a time of the day when you do nothing else, but practice guitar.

This does not have to be the same time everyday, although it helps if you can manage that, but otherwise, choose some hours of the day when you can make it happen consistently, like morning, evening, noon or night.

Set a reminder for yourself, until it becomes a habit. This would do wonders for the amount of practice you can get done over a period of time

3. Organize Your Practice Space

Again something that I found is so crucial in ensuring uninterrupted, best and consistent practice is dedicating a space for your practice, with all necessary things available right there. You don’t need a big studio to get started with this, just a corner of your house, with a chair and a table where you could put your Practice material, computer etc.

Keep this at the most accessible place of your house, with your guitar and everything that you need for a good practice session always available there.

Ensure that you keep all the distractions like phone, email, TV etc. away from your practice space

4. Organize Your Practice Material

Keep your practice material for the day ready, even before you start practicing anything. You don’t want to waste precious practice time looking for sheets, documents, PDFs, TAB etc. Whatever items are a part of the schedule, keep them handy and ready to go.

5. Time And Log Your Practice

This is last on the list, but probably the most important thing you can do to supercharge your guitar progress. You need to time each practice item, and use a timer that will let you know when to move onto the next item on your list. This ensures that you get to work on everything as per plan, and nothing gets ignored.

This is also important to rotate your focus, as it’s hard to stay focussed on 1 thing for a long duration.

This becomes critically important when you do not have a lot of time to practice every day. Remember, the number of hours don’t count, it’s how you use those hours is what decides how fast you can get results.

Talking about results, how would you find out whether you are really getting results?

This is where creating logs of every practice session, with measurable outputs helps.

E.g. Log your metronome speed, Record your sessions and then look back after a while to check how much progress you are making.

So there you have it. 5 simple and easy to apply steps that can help you progress faster on guitar. Apply these, and you’ll realize that your guitar learning becomes way easier than you thought it would be. You’ll also find that a really good guitar teacher would always emphasize on these elements during lessons. So if you find it difficult to implement any of the above steps, then find the right guitar teacher who can help you easily achieve these and many more correct practice habits.

About The Author:

Dhanesh Sarangadharan is a certified guitar teacher in Pune, Maharashtra India, who helps solving guitar learning problems quickly and helps students progress faster towards their guitar playing ambitions.