Becoming a great performer isn’t about just practicing the guitar…

I’d like you to picture a person who you’ve seen perform who you thought put on a great performance.
Got that person in mind?
Good…I have a question for you: What is it that makes them great performer?
(If you haven’t got anyone in mind, a good place to look would be to YouTube some of your favourite artist’s live performances. However, if you have an artist that you admire and seen them live to know you give a great show, then that’s a good place to start)
If you’re like most people you may not have asked yourself this question.
If you ever want to perform in front of others, or if you already are, you’ll want to put on the best show possible for them and for yourself.
The next question that could come to mind is “That all sounds great, but how do I do that?”.
Most performers will have things they do in common. For example:
1. They probably have great eye contact with the audience
2. They probably move around a bit on stage
3. They probably have some common ‘stage moves’ where they move in a certain way
These are some that come to mind. Instead of me giving you all the answers, you’re going to do the following:
1. Choose someone you admire
2. Find a video of them performing a song on YouTube
3. Watch the video and try to spot different things they do to put on a great show and interact with their audience
4. Make a list of these things
5. When you go to practice performing, pick 1 of these things from the list and try to do it

When you try to put these things into practice, they’ll likely feel awkward and unnatural. This is normal and this is what every great performer has gone through.
And remember, being good at performing also requires training too, just like any other aspect of your guitar playing.
When you practise performing, use a song that you can play easily so that you can focus on the performing aspect of your practise.
Then I recommend as soon as you can, to get in front of anyone, even your cat and perform to them. And practise your new moves.
Over time, and with some practice, (even in front of your cats) these different aspects of your performing become more natural.

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