Can you achieve good progress in guitar by yourself?

Can you achieve good progress in guitar by yourself? There is a lot of guitarists who can prove that it’s possible. How ever every one is different.

My wrong thinking in the past:

I thought, that it is possible to learn and progress only until you are 20 years old.

Somehow, I had a conviction, that I should totally learn to play the guitar by 20 years old. That after 20 years old, people can only use what they have learned before. Maybe I was programmed to this by my parents and education. Maybe that is why I was so active in the age of 17-20 years. After I have celebrated 20, I started to have doubts about myself. I thought, that I won’t be able to play faster, than I did back then. But I wanted more, and I felt like I wasn’t moving further at all. I thought it was all because of the age. I wasn’t playing a lot for some time, because I saw no point in this. I played to keep my skills in shape, but not to develop them. I had then no idea about effective strategies of building up the speed. But the problem was mostly not about this. It was in my head. It was about the wrong convictions, that stuck in my head because of myself. Later, I found those strategies and people, who achieved high speeds on the guitar, while being in the age. I understood, that it is possible, took some strategies of building the speed, and through a few moths I started to play twice faster, much more clean and rhythmically correct. The barrier was all in my head. As I have put it there, I had no chance to overcome it, even though I had a potential to do it. I killed my potential by placing the barrier in my head. There is nothing impossible – remember it! What is worse: doing something to open the door for new possibilities, or do nothing and become a default loser?

I tried to learn by myself

I tried to learn myself to play guitar through almost 7 years. I thought, that it is just impossible to find a tutor, who could teach me exactly what I want. And also, I didn’t want to spend money on stuff, that I can find on the internet, as I thought. This all eventually led me to playing pretty good, because I spent a lot of time playing. I went much further, than guys, with who we were starting together. But I still didn’t feel myself totally a musician. I was full of ambitions, but some time later, I started feeling doubt. I asked myself: do I move in a right direction? And as the results were appearing pretty slow, I started to suspect, that I do something wrong. And I understood, that I don’t want to spend another 10 or 20 years to achieve all this. In the end, time costs more than money, because you can’t take it back. You can always work some money. So I signed up to a very good tutor – Tom Hess. And now I realize, that if I didn’t do that, it’s hard to imagine, how my musical and personal life would go. I, probably wouldn’t be writing this article for you. Thank you, Tom Hess!

After first lessons with the expert tutor, I realized what I lacked all those years. I found out about the areas of musical development, about which I didn’t even knew, and how much they affect on my level of playing and achieving the things that I wanted. Now I understand, how dumb it was to try to learn myself things, that I didn’t even know.

If you really want to learn to play the guitar, ask a professional for a help. This man can help you to divide myths and facts in your head and to break the barriers, that you placed there without even knowing about it. He will also show you, what do you need firstly to achieve your aim, and what is secondary. He will guide your endeavor to a right direction, for them to bring you results and not the disappointments. This man will make your learning process way much easier and nicer. This costs much more than any money!

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