How The Guitar Itself Affects Your Progress As A Guitarist

How The Guitar Itself Affects Your Progress As A Guitarist

By Antony Reynaert

When it comes to learning guitar, only a small percentage reaches the level of mastery. Its complexity and the fact that there aren’t much quality resources available are reasons of these astonishing facts.

But what if I tell you that you can already be doomed even before you have ever played a guitar? This article will tell you the exact reason why you might have chosen the wrong path from the beginning, but also how to choose a new path before it is too late.

What Guitar Should You Buy To Get Fast Results?

Before you can start learning to play the guitar, you need of course a guitar. And this is already a crucial point and a huge decision for your further development.


It is true that the guitar is a very complex instrument and a lot of people give up the guitar as they are not getting the results they had in mind. This is a huge shame as it could have been very different.

MOTIVATION is the key factor that leads to giving up the guitar or sticking with the guitar to the bare end. Your motivation and excitement is a burning fire inside you that needs to be feed with new wood or it will burn out. When it comes to learning guitar, these pieces of wood are your BREAKTHROUGHS.

As a guitarist you must always determine your GOALS first in order to steer yourself in the right direction. If you for example really like electric blues guitarists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, you really shouldn’t be starting out on a classical guitar. Imagen that you’ve started out on a nylon strings guitar, there will be no moment during your development that you have a real breakthrough as you will never sound anything like what you have in mind. It’s evident that your motivational fire inside you will burn out and eventually you will give up the guitar.

The best advice I can give is this:
Learn to play guitar on a guitar that sounds best to you!

This way you will get a lot more fun from learning to play the guitar as your amount of breakthroughs will increase drastically and so will your motivation to learn the complexity of the guitar. If you’ve listened to these cliché advices that tell you to start off on an acoustic or classical guitar, but you really like electric guitar sounds, I should really encourage you to follow your heart and change the guitar for your own best.

How To Translate What You Feel Through The Guitar

Most people start out with the guitar in order to express themselves. If your goal is to share your feelings through classical music, rock music, metal music, blues music or any style you want, you will need to have strategies to do so. To unlock your potential for maximum expressiveness on guitar, I wrote a free downloadable guide on my website: How To Play Guitar With Intense Feeling. This ebook will provide you with the secrets on how to play highly emotional guitar parts.

About the author
Antony Reynaert is a guitarist and guitar coach from Belgium. Locally, in his guitar schools he thought hundreds of students to master the complexity of the guitar and so does he internationally on his website
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