Give your child the JOY of learning guitar

5 Reasons why JHGuitarSchool is the best solution for you and your Child

  1. Kids progress Quickly

  2. They have Fun!

  3. They get our Full Support

  4. They get Trained Teachers = SUPERIOR lessons

  5. You get time Flexibility and classes that fit your schedule as a parent

Mothers' Day Concert - March 2019

Mothers' Day Concert 2019

Here’s how we can help

Parents usually come to us in order to help them with some concerns they might have with Kids Guitar Lessons. The most common ones are either their child is a total beginner OR they took guitar lessons in the past and got bored while the parents want to give it another try.

  • We help parents by providing a healthy and safe learning environment, where children are comfortable and at ease

  • We also help parents understand the amazing process of learning guitar for kids, and we work side by side every step of the way

  • We constantly save kids from quitting guitar before reaching their potential by helping them to reconnect with their inner creativity and rediscover a passion for guitar

  • We contribute to the child’s fulfillment, growth and happiness through music and guitar

All of this helps children progress and grow in music and in life. Music-training accelerates brain development during childhood, therefore at JHGuitarSchool we organize all kids guitar lessons with that goal in mind.

Theresa (11) student since 2015
Calvin (10) student since 2015

At JHGuitarSchool your child gets

·       Trained Guitar Teachers & Innovative Teaching (Since teaching guitar to kids is very delicate, we believe that only trained teachers should be allowed to do it)

·       A positive environment and support system

·       The fundamentals of guitar playing

·       Learn their favorite songs

·       An annual concert and many opportunities to perform in front of family and friends

·       Certificates in guitar for interested parents!

·       Solfeggio – Theory & Harmony

·       Musical Creativity

·       Overcoming Stage Fright

·       Cool workshops

·       And most importantly FUN!

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With Jack learning is easy, he gets out of you exactly what you want to play. He let’s you feel the music and just enjoy it!

Joe (24)

JHGuitarSchool is the best place to learn guitar, I’ve progressed so FAST and Ive learned so much in so little time

Karl (14)