Learn How To Become A Better Guitar Player A Lot Faster

How To Become A Better Guitar Player Faster

One of the best feelings you can have as a guitarist is the feeling you are making tons of progress towards reaching your musical goals. On the other hand, when you make slow progress, it can be very frustrating and demotivating. A lot of guitarists make much slower progress than they could be making due to ineffective practice habits or false assumptions about how to best learn on guitar. Here are just a few ways you can avoid these mistakes in order to get better on guitar much faster:


Practice using an effective schedule to reach your musical goals


One of the worst ways you hold back your guitar playing is practicing without any kind of organized schedule. To make things even worse, many guitarists practice by simply picking up their instrument and jamming on random licks or songs. There is nothing wrong with this kind of jamming of course, but this does not help you become a better player in the same way as practicing with an effective schedule.


An effective guitar practice schedule is centered around helping you achieve specific musical goals in the shortest amount of time possible. To practice effectively, every item in your schedule needs to help you advance at least one aspect of your playing that bring your closer to your goals. If it doesn’t, then you are wasting your time.


The best way to guarantee that you are practicing effectively is to work together with a great guitar teacher. Whenever you choose a new guitar teacher, make sure that he/she is willing to help you create a practice schedule to reach your goals. To know ahead of time if they can help you, look on their website to see how many students they have turned into great players. The more you find, the better the chances they can help you too.


Don’t over-practice one area of your playing and neglect others


A lot of guitar players practice everything in isolation from their other skills. This often leads them getting good in one area of their playing, while having little to no skill in other areas. This imbalance causes problems when they go to play anything remotely musical, because music generally combines several guitar playing elements at once. In addition, when you practice combining different musical skills together, you improve your guitar playing in many areas simultaneously – making your practice time more efficient.


Experts agree… Jacob Melling, owner of the American Academy Of Guitar Mastery, says: “Focus on developing your ability to combine different musical skills together. Doing this helps you become a better overall musician and improves your guitar playing faster.”


Learn how to be creative with your guitar playing skills


Many guitarists never learn how to be creative with their skills because they think creativity is something one is born with. Fact is, creativity is a skill that can be practiced just like any other skill. Look for ways to combine different exercises or techniques together to begin developing a stronger sense of creativity. For example, don’t just play scales over and over. Combine them together with vibrato in many various ways. This potentially improves your ability to phrase and use vibrato musically. To hone your creative skills, take lessons with a guitar teacher who has experience training students to develop creativity.